An example of our clients


Consigmar, right from the start, has enjoyed a presence in the food and drinks industry, one of the main industrial sectors. Its importance not only resides in its volume of turnover and importance in the national GDP (2,4%,) but also by providing employment to 440,000 people as well as its productive and added value.

This is a sector where the specialist safety and treatment of each product is essential when it comes to positioning products at the eventual point of sale.


This is a scarcely automated but highly competitive sector, which has had a strong presence in Spain since the 1960s.

This competitiveness obliges the sector to continuously make improvements in productivity, technology, global competence, flexibility and the environment, which in turn obliges us to be agile and work to very tight delivery deadlines.


The metal sector, formed by iron and steel, the automobile accessory and equipment industry, metallurgy, the mechanics, electrical and technological industries have always been fundamental for Consigmar.

Their importance to Consigmar is as important as the other sectors of production and services. Consigmar depends to a greater or lesser degree on the metal industry for its functioning.

It is a strategic sector for the development of the industrial tissue, economic growth and sustainable environment, with a weighting in Spanish GDP of 9%.


The diversified portfolio of Consigmar’s clients means that we also have a presence in the complex chemical sector.

The chemical sector has contributed and continues to contribute to the improvement of our quality of life in a decisive manner. Without it, advances in health, sport, food, hygiene, transport, technology, construction or the environment would not now be possible.

Due to its nature and commitment, the chemical sector devotes great efforts to continuously improve safety, health and the environment, among other aspects affecting responsible and committed suppliers.